Sunday, December 14, 2008

Xmas Light Up 2008 / Barney Show

On Friday evening, we decided to bring Baby G to watch the Barney show @ Plaza Singapura and at the same time, walk along Orchard Road for the Xmas light up.

Daddy parked at my office and we walked to PS. Baby G was very excited as he knew he was going to watch Barney. When we reached there, they were playing all the familiar Barney tunes & Baby G kept singing along. But when Barney actually came out, he just stared and stared.

<-- Barney show -->
--> Baby G looking so enthralled.
After the show, we went for dinner at Kopitiam. Baby G insisted on eating noodles even though he had already taken his dinner at home. So I had to order wan tan noodles soup (although I would've much preferred the dry version).

<-- Baby G enjoying his noodles -->
After our meal, we walked from PS all the way to Taka, enjoying the cool air and lovely lights. We finally stopped at Macdonalds (again...) for a drink and Baby G's favourite fries. Enjoy the pictures.....

<-- At Plaza Singapura -->

<-- Candy feast..... Outside Centrepoint -->
From L-R : Hereen, Outside Hereen, Paragon

What a lovely way to spend the evening with the family.
hugs & kisses

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