Sunday, December 7, 2008


On Saturday morning, Daddy took Baby G to buy bee hoon for breakfast. Baby G was so happy to be able to go out so early in the morning. He happily put on his shoes and waited patiently for Daddy. When they reached home, we grilled the fish fillet and sausages as added ingredients for our bee hoon breakfast and Daddy made hot rose tea... Yummy. Baby G enjoyed his plain bee hoon and finished an entire bowl all by himself.

In the evening, Daddy had to attend a wedding near Telok Blangah so me & Baby G went to VivoCity for some shopping. We actually wanted to go Dohby Ghaut to watch the Barney show at Plaza Singapura but the show only starts on the 9th of Dec.... I was too early and Baby G was a bit disappointed. So off we went back into the NEL and straight towards Harbourfront.

There were just so many people there shopping. I wanted to get dinner when Baby G said he wanted to eat french fries, so I decided to eat at MacDonalds but I realised VivoCity doesn't have Mac nor KFC (2 places that Baby G is well familiar with). So I decided to go Carl's Junior, but even that place was so full. I also tried Burger King and waited for sometime, but everyone was either eating halfway or just started. So I walked all the way to Harbourfront Centre and carrying Baby G cause he was pretty tired from walking to so many places just to find his fries.
==> Baby G looking at the directory.

When he saw the 'M' logo, he was so excited, he forgot about being tired and told me "Mummy, walk, walk". So I put him down and he ran towards Mac. I found him a baby chair and asked him to sit quietly while I went to order. I bought the McSpicy meal. Baby G was so happy when he saw me carrying the fries. He told me "Mummy, I want fries".

==> Baby G enjoying his fries..

So both me & Baby G had our Mac dinner and then we walked back to VivoCity. It was about 10pm when Daddy came to pick us up. Baby G was shacked out by then (so was I, from all the carrying earlier on).

In need of leg massage


Hot Mama said...

the more i see gabe, the more i feel gabe and reia have the same hairstyle... haha

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it.... u r right.... i guess it's time to cut.... hahaha....
Gabriel's Mummy