Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bak Chor Noodles

While chatting on the phone with YeeYee, she's been talking about the Bak Chor Noodles around Changi Road that she tried the other day. She kept asking us to go and try, so... on Tuesday evening, we decided to go there for dinner.

After shopping for Xmas gifts at White Sands, we went down to MaMa's house and then we all set off for dinner.

I think what was special about the noodles is actually the soup base. It doesn't taste like normal 'bak chor' noodles soup, I think the owner added ikan bilis for added flavour. It's really delicious. I regretted ordering the dry version. MaMa & YeeYee ordered the soup version and it tasted so much nicer. The side dishes were also not too bad. We had Cheese Tofu, Thai Shrimp Cake and Fried Dumplings.

<== Grandpa, YeeYee & MaMa
<== Daddy & Baby G enjoying their noodles.
After dinner, we had desserts at a few shops down. The beancurd (Tau Huay) with Peanut Sauce Balls was really delicious. The beancurd was soft and silky and the peanut sauce in the balls were just the right consistency. Both Baby G & MaMa enjoyed the traditional yam cake as it contained a lot of the yam.
What a feast!

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