Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Birthday YeeYee!!

Today is YeeYee's birthday. We decided to try out Friends@ChompChomp along Serangoon Garden.
Kinda disappointed actually. The portions were very small especially for my family's usually large appetite. I even had to tell MaMa to cut smaller portions so that her tenderloin can last longer. HaHa. Even Grandpa commented that he could've have finished his Veal in 3 mouthfuls. So you can imagine how little the portions were. As for my Parrot Fish Fillet, well, the portion is ok, but it was very salty. I wonder if Parrot Fish is a saltwater fish and they forgot to wash it clean. I think only the pastas did not have any complaints from the respective diners.
=> Daddy's Vegetarian Linguine
==> My parrot fish

==> From L->R, Grandpa's Veal, YeeYee's Bacon Spaghetti & MaMa's Beef Tenderloin.
Instead of the usual cake that we would buy to celebrate, this time, I decided to just get a small piece (about the size of 1 slice) so that it won't go to waste.
In the end, I found out that MaMa wasn't full and she went to eat her favourite Wan Tan Noodles @ Dunman Food Centre. HaHa.
Happy Birthday, YeeYee!
Feeling thirsty from the salty fish

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