Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

Yesterday, we celebrated Grandpa's birthday. The entire week before his birthday, we did not mention anything to Grandpa, even Ma-Ma did not know what we were planning. Grandpa & Ma-Ma thought that they were just going to have dinner together. But they were in for a surprise....

After sending Baby G to school, Daddy dropped me off at Grandpa's place. YeeYee quietly opened the door for me and we both knocked on the door to Grandpa's room. I must say, both Ma-Ma & Grandpa were pleasantly surprised.. heh heh....

As you can tell, Grandpa still not really fully awake.

Dinner was at Pu Tien at Marina Square, but before dinner, we decided to do some shopping there as it's been a long time since Grandpa's been to Marina Square. After walking a while, YeeYee was feeling thirsty, so we went to Killney for a drink. In the end, we ordered the set as Baby G wanted to eat the half-boil egg.

--> Grandpa's eyes are closed coz the lime juice was too sour.
--> Baby G's favourite, half boiled egg.

At Pu Tien, the ambience was good. The food is unique and delicious. We enjoyed the Promfret in Red Wine Sauce and the Special Fried Bee Hoon. Luckily we managed to take the 1st few dishes.....

That's all we took coz after that we were just too busy eating...... yum yum....

These shots were taken before our food came....
==> Baby G seems to be saying "Take Pictures, again???"
After dinner, we strolled a bit more coz we were all very full. We stopped by at Secret Receipe for cakes & ice cream. We ordered the Banana Split and the Banana cake. We wanted to sing the birthday song, but Grandpa was shy, saying he's so old for something like that. So we sang it quietly instead.

==> Shy Grandpa ==> Baby G & YeeYee
The only thing that ruined the almost perfect day was the unhygenic way in which the staff at Secret Receipe made the Banana Split. The first order arrived and we noticed that the banana had lots of 'bruises' on it so we sent it back and asked for fresh bananas instead. Again, we had to wait quite a while, so Grandpa went over to the counter to watch them to see what was taking them so long. Instead, Grandpa was totally put off by what he saw. When the staff arranged the bananas on the ice cream, he used his bare hands... Gosh! It was so unhygenic. Grandpa quickly feedback to the supervisor in charge and she apologised profusely about it. Grandpa totally lost his appetite and we also lost our mood. The supervisor felt bad and gave us a 10% discount for spoiling our mood when we mentioned to her that we were there to celebrate a birthday. She even wanted to give us a cake to take back home, but we declined her offer. To be honest, I doubt we'll be going there again in the near future.



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