Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day!

On to much more happier things after the last unhappy post.....
On Christmas morning, Baby G came over to wake me up, asking me to accompany him to watch his Barney show, so even though I had less than 5hrs of sleep, I was determined to wake up and spend time with Baby G, to "compensate" him for not spending the previous evening with him.

We watched Barney for about an hour and then we went to wake Daddy up. Then we proceeded to open all the gifts that were given to us. Baby G showed me the "mini-laptop" that Grandpa bought for him, he was really enthralled with it. But later when he realised we bought him a cash register with sound effects, he started playing with the toy and lost interest in opening the rest of the gifts or the laptop.
<= His laptop until he found the cash register =>

I took a video of him opening the presents... I found it funny cause when he saw me holding the camera, he thought I was taking a photo of him and smiled for me.... quite funny.

Merry Xmas to one & all.....