Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shopping @ JB's City Square

On Monday, we decided to make a half day trip into JB for some shopping. We wanted to take the taxi to Jusco or Carrefour but when we saw the weather, we decided it was better to just go City Square instead; at least we would not be at the mercy of transportation (or lack of it).

Ah Ma & YeePo came along for the shopping trip. It was also a good chance for Baby G to spend some quality time with his granny and for me to get some Xmas shopping done.

After Baby G woke up from his afternoon nap, we packed up and went to pick AhMa & YeePo up. We parked at Woodlands and took Bus No. 170 across the Causeway. Usually Baby G loves to sit on the bus, but this time, he seemed a bit apprehensive on the ride. I think maybe coz he doesn't recognize the surroundings.

==> An apprehensive looking Baby G

We managed to get some cheap tops from F.O.S., and then we proceeded to have a short break so that the 2 elders can take a rest. We went to Merry Brown for snacks.... in the end, we ordered quite a lot cause Baby G said he wanted to eat rice.

<= Ah Ma eating porridge

Fried Chicken =>

==> Baby G having his rice & fish

After the short R&R, we started at the top floor. Baby G was so full of energy after his meal that he didn't want any of us to hold his hands or carry him. Although we didn't have to carry him, we still had to run after him. This boy can really weave in and out of people so easily, it's really difficult to watch over someone so small and so agile. In the end, even AhMa & YeePo couldn't keep up with him and either Daddy or myself had to go chase after him.

The only time he stopped is when he saw Ronald. So while Daddy was trying on his slippers, I went with Baby G to take photos with Ronald. Baby G very gamely posed for me many times and I think this is the best shot of him & Ronald.

==> Can you find Baby G?

In the end, we didn't really managed to buy Xmas gifts for the intended, instead, we managed to get some stuff for me, Daddy & Baby G.

From L-R : Baby G's Adidas shoes, Mummy's bracelet/necklace, Daddy's slippers
By the time we go home, it was almost 11pm. Baby G was so tired out from the outing that he didn't even take his night time milk (come to think of it, I think this is the 1st time he missed his night feed).
What a day!

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