Monday, December 29, 2008

Baby G's First Full Day @ School

Today (29th Dec), which happens to be GuGu's birthday is also Baby G's first day attending a full-day childcare. Previously, Baby G only attended half-day childcare in the mornings and he's back by 1pm. Now, we feel that it's time for Baby G to attend a full day childcare as he's getting to be a big boy and also, the school no longer operates under a half-day session, so we've got no choice.

First day today, although I have more free time, I must admit, I do miss my little boy in the afternoon, feels like something is missing... but I'm sure I'll get over it pretty fast. Heh Heh. Now when I take leave, I have the whole day to myself and can do more things instead of rushing to complete everything by noon time.

According to the teacher, Baby G didn't sleep during nap time when the rest of the kids were catching their 'Zzzz's, he was up and about, walking around the place. How I wish I was there to see what he was up to. I suspect he's walking around, expecting one of us to pick him up from school. The good news is that he didn't cry nor look for us throughout the entire day. When we picked up him, the teacher told us that he only went to sleep at about 145pm and woke up about 4pm. Hopefully things will get better, else he'll be missing his afternoon lessons.

hugs & kisses

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