Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Auntie Stef!

On Sat evening, we went to Cedele @ Great World City to celebrate Auntie Stef's birthday. As usual, we needed a lonnnnng table to sit all 9 adults and 5 kids. Overall, the food was not too bad, although they had a kid's menu, they did not have suitable cutlery for kids... so it's not completely family-friendly.

<-- Gwyn all by herself.

Cutie Kate with ponytails -->

--> Zac posing as a rabbit....

Baby G only enjoyed eating the bread, he didn't like the chicken, complained that it was "Mummy, too hard". Initially, he was acting shy around everyone, but at the end of the meal, he started to warm and and interact with the rest of the kids. He kept calling Chloe "che che..." and even played catching with her.

After our meal, we went to MaCafe for drinks. We passed by lots of the mini kids' rides and Uncle Dan contributed $1 for the Bob The Builder ride that all the kids sat on. Zac in the driver's seat, Chloe standing by the side, Gwyn & Baby G seating on top the bonnet. Because it was Uncle Dan who carried Baby G to seat on the ride, Uncle Dan is now his new friend. After the ride was over, he kept saying "I wan Uncle Dan come..". Then he kept looking for Uncle Dan, even when he went to the toilet, Baby G walked there by himself to look for Uncle Dan.

Even on the way home, he called out for Uncle Dan to come home with him.... hahahaha....

By the way, our homemade biscuit gifts were well received by all, especially the kids... I think both Gwyn and Chloe almost finished theirs. Uncle Ben said it was a bit too hard. Uncle Adrian liked it dipped in coffee.

Happy Birthday Auntie Stef!!

hugs & kisses

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