Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Cycling We Will Go.....

Finally, the rain stayed away for our cycling trip. Most likely because this time, our trip was not planned. We even stayed up late (almost til 2:30am) the previous night, catching up on the last few episodes of the Cantonese drama serial (家好月圆). Side track a bit --> Good show, I like it a lot... lots of twists & turns in the plot and nice surprises in the end.

Ok, back to the cycling trip. Baby G woke up at 7am in the morning asking for his usual milk. So I dragged myself out of bed to make for him. After his milk, he wanted to watch his Barney VCD and asked me to accompany him. I just sat on the sofa beside him while he watched and I slept.

About half an hour later, Daddy woke up and suggested we go for our cycling trip since the weather was pretty sunny. We quickly prepared & got ready to leave the house all within the hour.

==> Baby G showing off his "muscles".....

We reached East Coast about 9am and managed to rent a bike with the child seat in front for Baby G. He was very excited about sitting on the bicycle. He kept saying "Ride bicycle... ride bicycle...". He also saw quite a lot of ships far out in the sea. "Mummy... ship... ship.... Borrrrrrr" (the sound of the ship's horn).

==> Daddy & Baby G on their bike....

We rented the bikes for 2 hours. We cycled towards Bedok Jetty and then rode back to The Playground (former Big Splash). We made a few pit stops along the way cause my stamina isn't what it used to be. The last pit stop was at The Playground but it was too sunny to stop and take any photos.

===> 1st stop, breakfast for more energy

==> 2nd stop : MacDonalds where Baby G played on the slide while we rested. On the way back to return our bikes, we sort of realised that Baby G was pretty quiet which is so unlike him. So I checked and realised that he actually fell asleep.... he looked pretty funny.... He was trying very hard to stay awake, but the ride was so smooth and the wind blowing, a receipe for a good sleep.

<== A sleepy, or rather, sleeping Baby G ==>

We were contemplating on having our lunch at The Playground or go home. So we decided to grab a quick bite and go home to let Baby G rest. So we drove the short distance to Carl's Junior and by that time, he seemed to have lost his sleepiness and became excited again. Since he didn't look sleepy, we changed our minds and decided to eat-in.

<== Carl Junior's burgers are big ==>

When we finally reached home, not only Baby G was tired, even Daddy & myself were totally shacked out. We both slept like logs.
In the evening, we went out for dinner since we were too tired to muster any energy to cook. We chose Il Piccolo @ Hougang Plaza since we had a 1-for-1 voucher. Pasta was great as usual, but the pizza was really horrible. The cheese tasted kinda weird, after eating just 1 slice, felt a bit "jerlak". I think it's the worst pizza I ever tasted. In future, I will only order their pasta which is really delicious. The cream sauce is thick and creamy and the ingredients are fairly plenty. Even Baby G enjoyed only the pasta, after eating 2-3 bites of the pizza, he told us he doesn't want it. We also order rojak which was also really delicious.
What a day!
hugs & kisses
(Will my legs ache tomorrow?)

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