Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Welcome, Baby Ashley!

On 22nd Dec 2008, baby Ashley (not Rick Astley as what Uncle Alan said) is born. We decided to visit both Ashley & family on 23rd as some of the uncles & aunties were not free on the 22nd.

When we reached, Ashley was being breastfed, so all the adults & kids waited outside; the kids were running up & down, especially Gwyn. One minute you can see her running into the room, the next minute she's running outside into the hallway. I think our group was one of the noisiest bunch, lucky the nurses did not chase us away.

Baby G also joined the kids at the mini-playground at TMC; he really enjoyed himself. The most surprising part is when Uncle Dan arrived. When Baby G saw him, 1st thing he said was "Uncle Dan, come play". Then Baby G kept talking to Uncle Dan, he even 'asked' Uncle Dan to carry him. 1st time was not successful, but after Zac was distracted, Uncle Dan managed to carry Baby G.

<== Awww... what a lovely (and rare) shot.....

Uncle Alan also came back from AUS and brought chocolates which the kids happily munched.

<= Gwyn's not as messy as Baby G =>

When we went home, Baby G didn't want to leave Uncle Dan. Kept wanting to follow him home... hmmm.. what a thought. Uncle Dan, do you want to help baby sit?

Congratulations to Ben & Pat on the birth of their lovely daughter, Ashley!

Feeling happy for her friends

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