Friday, December 26, 2008

Potty Trained!

This post is dedicated to Baby G's daddy. After about 2 weeks of "training", we can safely say that Baby G is finally potty-trained. All this is the effort of Daddy who patiently gave encouragement to Baby G, even though there were times when Baby G wet the floor and Daddy had to clean up.

Baby G can now tell us when he needs to go to the toilet for a leak. We have stopped putting on diapers for him already, except at night when he's sleeping. In fact, Baby G prefers not to wear diapers. What's next for us is to buy undies for Baby G.

Baby G is no longer a baby already, he's getting to be a big boy.

Well done, Baby G!

Kudos to Daddy for his success.

Proud of her 2 boys.

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