Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sengkang Swimming Complex

On Sunday, we finally went to the newly opened Sengkang Swimming Complex at... where else, Sengkang... or to be more specific, Anchorvale. We decided to take the LRT from Renjong to Farmvale since Baby G loves taking the trains.

===> Baby G getting all ready
Initially, Baby G was pretty excited when he saw the swimming pools. But when he got into the water, there was a section of the swimming complex that collected a huge bucket of water and once it fills up, it'll splash the water down, Baby G became afraid and kept telling us "Mummy, Daddy, scared". We slowly convinced him not to be afraid of the water and kept playing with him and distracting him from the sounds of the splashes. Soon, he overcame his fear and played quite happily. Too soon, the weather turned a bit dark and Baby G started shivering, so we decided to quickly get him out of the water.

See the bucket? It fills up with water and pours it down. Baby G was afraid of the noise and splashes it made.
We continued to explore the place. We came across this quaint looking restaurant. The decor was quite Zen-like and then upon closer inspection, it was actually Jack's Place. We decided to have our lunch there.

Daddy & Baby G enjoying their garlic bread.....
We all enjoyed our lunch together. It's so rare that we managed to sit down quietly and chit chat without Baby G interrupting. I guess coz he was shacked out from the 'swimming' and didn't have much energy left for us. He actually fell asleep while eating the rice. HaHa. Would've loved to show you the video but it was too large and would probably take forever to upload. Instead, I decided to share another cute video of Baby G.
In case none understood what Baby G said... here's how it went....
Daddy :- Are you ready?
Baby G :- Yessss.
After eating the jelly....
Baby G :- Niiiiiceeeee.
hugs & kisses

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