Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Little Helper

Last night, Baby G slept pretty late as we were at Ikea with MaMa, Grandpa & YeeYee til about 10plus. This morning, he woke up only to ask for his milk and then went back to sleep again, so I had another extra 2hrs to sleep in.

When we both woke up, there was breakfast ready for us, courtesy of Daddy. After the simple yet 'filled with love' bee hoon, I started to prepare Baby G's vegetables for the week. Baby G was so interested in what I was doing, so I showed him what to do. He sat down with me and started to pluck the vegetables together.

In the evening, we were supposed to attend mei mei JiaMin's 1st birthday, but Baby G was taking a later than usual afternoon nap and in the end, we were too late to attend as we had to rush to a wedding dinner.

Throughout the dinner, Baby G behaved himself very well. He sat quietly and ate his dinner together with us. We are so proud of him.

hugs & kisses

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