Friday, October 10, 2008

Bronchitis - Part 2

Today we went to see Dr Tan for a review of Baby G's condition. There were a lot of people at the clinic, lucky Baby G amused himself with the toys there, especially with the horsie; it made the wait more bearable.

When Dr Tan checked him out, she said there's still phelgm in his lungs and he's still breathing hard and wheezing. The cough has reduced and the fever seems to have gone away. Dr Tan called him a 'happy wheezer' cause she said normally children are very subdued when they get bronchitis unlike Baby G, who was so active and playful and generally looked happy. She said usually children don't run around or play much as it's makes it more difficult for them to breathe, but she said Baby G looked like he was in tip-top condition. He had to go on the Neb one more time though. He was happy actually cause it meant he could play with the car in the doctor's room while waiting for the nurse to start up the oxygen tank & insert the medication. Again, Baby G was a brave boy. He never once complained or squirm while on the Neb. He sat quietly until the whole process completed. It helped that we distracted him by asking him to join us to count from 1 to 20.

The next review is on Wednesday. For now, no swimming and no playground for Baby G.
Praying hard that Baby G will get completely well soon.

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