Monday, October 6, 2008


Last night, Baby G's cough seemed to get more serious so we decided to bring him to the doctor's. Daddy decided to take leave today to bring Baby G while I went to work. Seems like Baby G may have something called "Rhinitis" which is something like an irritation or inflammation of the nose. Perhaps that's why he keeps scratching his nose these past few days. Doc gave him some kind of tonic for him to take for the whole month. Hopefully it'll improve.

One thing good that came out of this is that he managed to spend the entire day with Daddy. I have a feeling he won't want to go to school tomorrow, he'll keep asking us to go 'kai kai'. Haha.

When I reached home today, Baby G was glad to see me and he wanted to accompany me wherever I went. He even waited patiently for me to finish washing the dishes so that I could spend time with him. Just before we went to bed, we read books together and he promptly fell asleep after that.

Today I also finally upgraded my SCV from analogue to digital, cause they wanted to remove 2 more channels, so i was forced to make the switch. Since it's a new box, all channels were available, so while I'm updating this blog, I'm enjoying channel surfing the 100-plus channels.. haha.


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