Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Children's Day

Today is Children's Day. Today is the day that Grandpa, MaMa & YeeYee officially moved over to Pasir Ris. Today is also the day that Che Che XueLi goes to London to begin her new academic life.

It was a slow and long morning as I was not feeling well. Luckily Daddy helped to look after Baby G and it allowed me some time to have a good rest. We then decided to go down to the Carrefour Warehouse Sale. What a disappointment, it was pretty small and nothing much to shop. We only managed to buy a bolster case and Baby G's diapers to stock up at MaMa's place.

We helped to pack and cart some of the things over to Pasir Ris. Once Baby G woke up and had his lunch, we carried his stuff over. It was our first visit there. Baby G was pretty excited. I helped to do the bedsheets and curtains up while Baby G looked on and tried to help in some areas.

Finally, we left the house. As it was too late to go down to Esplanade (our original plan) to see the Children's festivities, we decided to go to Terminal 3 instead.

The place is pretty huge. Quite a lot of things to see. We walked and walked and it seemed like it would never end. We wanted to have dinner at Dian Xiao Er, but the queue was so long. Then we tried Swensons, it was just as bad, if not worse. As we were coming down the escalator, we met up with Uncle William, Auntie May & Linda, Gor Gor JJ & KaiFu and Che Che XueLi. We all then went to eat at Lerk Thai (note : Service wasn't really that good). Thank you, Uncle William, for the dinner treat!

We then proceeded to the check-in counters where Che Che XueLi's friends came to wish her bon voyage. We took some pictures together. Che Che XueLi, have a safe trip and study hard!

We also happened to see Tay Ping Hui but none of us had the guts to request for a photo. HaHa. He looks really cool, but quite skinny actually. After that, I also saw Hardy Mirza (S'pore & Asian Idol).

We then went to MacDonalds for fries & drinks. Baby G was so happy as it's been quite a while that we've actually brought him to MacDonalds. After that, we walked all the way to the car park, it was a pretty long walk, almost 15-2omins and Baby G actually walked all the way with us. So glad we didn't have to 'bao bao' him.

Happy Children's Day!

hugs & kisses

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