Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Visit from Uncle TianYen

Uncle TY came back for a short visit to S'pore. Luckily we managed to catch up with him, even though it was quite a last minute arrangement. We decided to have coffee at TCC @ Millenia Walk since it's normally not so crowded. As usual, our conversation centered around updating Uncle TY on all the latest happenings. Uncle TY was pleasantly surprised at all the latest & soon-to-be additions to our big group.

The most interesting (read:chatty) person is gor gor Zac Zac. He was unsually talkative today... must be because Uncle TY came all the way from HKG. Gor gor Zac Zac, keep it up! We all love teasing you... heh heh.

We left Millenia at around 6plus to go to Ah-Ma's for dinner. Baby G was pretty well-behaved today. He quietly sat down to have his rice & tau-hu and drank the soup that Ah-Ma prepared. After dinner, there were cut fruits. Baby G helped to distribute the fruits to all of us.

Daddy also let Baby G play a home-made version of the slide. Baby G enjoyed it so much. I think next time he won't be so scared of the actual slide that the playground.

hugs & kisses


Anonymous said...

Not that last minute lah :) This trip was really in a rush due to HKG friends along as well. Have to take care of them also mah.

Great to see you guys as usual and the bois but so sorry as Ms lim confirm the meeting with me only after I have distributed all the sweets to the other kids.

Bois...uncle TY promise you to have double portion when I am nect back during CNY

Oh...Gor Gor is usually willing calling me leh...maybe we have our "bonding" during his trip to HK...hehe

PS: Hope Gaby is feeling better now

Anonymous said...

Uncle TY... can I request for chocolate biscuits instead of sweets? My mummy doesn't allow me sweeets, but biscuits, she's ok. Thanks in advance.

Baby G.