Sunday, October 12, 2008

Take A Break

We decided to go grocery shopping on Saturday... firstly to stock up on our food items and secondly, to bring Baby G out after practically staying at home the entire week recuperating. Although Baby G has not fully recovered, we decided to bring him out to 'reward' him for being such a good boy; taking his numerous medication and being on the Neb.

We went to NTUC @ AMK Hub. Again, we were lucky enough to get the 'trolley car' and Baby G was so happy throughout the entire shopping experience. At the check-out, we had to prepare him by telling him that the car needs to be parked and he's supposed to park the car. Luckily, when we told him to leave the car behind, he willingly left it without making much of a fuss.

We wanted to go to OCBC but the queue was super long, so we decided not to wait. Baby G saw a 'Thomas the Train' kiddy ride outside and ran towards it and climbed up on it all by himself. We let him have his fun before it was time to go home.

A new skill that he has picked up is opening our fridge doors. Our food stuffs are not safe from his prying hands. This time he saw a bag of carrots, grabbed it and took a bite out of it. He must have been watching too much 'Bugs Bunny' cartoons. He even told us the carrots were 'nice'. HaHa.

Baby G is still coughing on occasions. He seems to be breathing a bit hard too. So I think his lungs are not totally cleared. His next review is on Wednesday, so we'll have to wait and see Doc's diagnosis. Meanwhile, he's just got to continue taking his medication.

Praying hard that Baby G will recover

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