Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chalet @ Pasir Ris

Shu Shu managed to finally book the Pasir Ris chalet after trying so many times. We (or rather Daddy) packed all our stuff and off we went. Mummy was sleeping in late coz she was recovering from a bout of diarrhoea.

First stop was Ah Ma's house to pick Ah Gong & Shu Shu up and have our brunch. Then we helped to carry the rest of the stuff to the chalet. We then went to Giant @ Tampines to get the rest of the groceries, but we made a stop home for Baby G's float (in the shape of the car) which we all forgot to pack for him. We only remembered his favourite Froggie.

At the chalet, Baby G became pretty excited at his new surroundings. We decided to go for an early swim since the weather wasn't too warm. Baby G was so happy but as usual, once we reached the water, he became a little apprehensive and clung on to us. But soon, he started to get used to the water and played with the water guns that we brought.

And this is Baby G, all shacked out after the swim.

We had a BBQ that evening.... I'll let the pictures tell the story...

On Sunday, we took a morning stroll along the Pasir Ris park. Baby G enjoyed himself very much with the swings, slides, bridges, etc. He almost didn't want to go back. After a short rest, GuGu drove us to the Downtown East E!Hub. When Baby G saw the train there, he was very excited and kept telling us "Choo Choo Train". Each ticket costs $3... so in the end, only Daddy & Baby G took the ride, after 3 rounds, the ride ended.... pretty expensive ride for $3, it seemed less than 5 minutes.

Kinda ex but the joy on his face was worth it

We then walked around and stopped by the E Zone. Baby G tried playing with some of the games there.

==> Preparing for NS.

As I am writing this, I am feeling so tired especially since I just finished ironing and washing the clothes & downloading the pictures. Thanks Daddy for helping to hang the clothes to dry, else I wouldn't be able to finish this blog and let the others see it tomorrow.


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