Thursday, November 6, 2008


The night before, while I was downstairs, waiting for Daddy's car and searching for GrandPa & Baby G, I stepped into some hole in the ground and twisted my ankle. OuCH!

The next morning, I went to see the doctor and he said it could be a torn ligament. Scary sia. anyway, he gave me 3 days of MC and asked me to rest as much as possible.

Anyway, I also decided to go to the sinseh to see if he can massage it such that it gets better faster. It was a painful experience and now my foot is all bandaged up.....

Now I'm just limping around....when I showed my bandaged foot to Baby G, he was curious about it. He kept touching gently especially when I told him "Mummy's leg pain pain, you sayang?". Baby G then slowly and gently rub my foot. HaHa... quite sweet of him.
ouch ouch ouch


Anonymous said...

Aiyo....becareful lah...also only go tot the sengsei later and not now


Anonymous said...

The sinseh quite good... only rub once and on the 3rd day, much better... but my ankle did not swell at all throughout the entire time.... oso a bit worried.