Sunday, November 16, 2008

Parents-Teacher Meeting

On Saturday morning, Baby G's school arranged for a Parents Teacher meeting. We met up with his Chinese teacher (Gen lao shi) and the Centre Manager, Mrs Wong.

This time round, the comments on Baby G were pretty positive and encouraging.

Some of the comments :-
"has shown tremendous improvement" ==> more willing to share toys

"displays more patience" ==> waits for others to finish playing with toys before he starts

"responds well to instructions." ==> understands & listens to teachers

"very clean 'eater', almost no mess." ==> doesn't drop rice all over, minimal spills when drinking soup.

"highly sophisticated motor skills at his age." ==> holds pencils and draws/doodles/scribbles.

"applies analytical and logical thinking." ==> likes stacking blocks and arranging toys in rows.

I also asked the teacher how come Baby G kept talking about a "new friend" with a name sounding like 'Ian'. Then the teacher explained that he's called 'Kyan' and he came in a few months after Baby G but only recently, he likes to stick to Baby G during play time. Apparently, he's sort of the older brother now, so some of the younger ones look up to him and play with him. Wah... so impressed that my boy is like a leader. Hopefully, he doesn't lead them astray... hahaha.....

feeling proud of Baby G

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