Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Kate

As today we had a birthday party to attend in the evening, we decided to spend the early part of the day at home.

As usual, the first person to wake up is Baby G, asking for his morning milk. Daddy will prepare Baby G's milk on weekend mornings, letting me have an extra hour of sleep on weekends. After the milk, Baby G and daddy will be playing in the living room, until Baby G thinks I have enough sleep and comes in to wake me up. Of course, I always feel that I don't have enough, but Baby G usually wins. HaHa.

Baby G is very much into trains right now. He even lined up his 'cars' such that they look like trains. Initially, he only took his 'cars' and push cart, but later on, he went to his room and take his 2 chairs and joined them up to play. After he lined them up, he expected us to push the other cars with him while he sits in the front car. It's a tiring and back-breaking game for us, we both had to take turns to push the cars around. He even asked us to stop and pump petrol for his 'train. I had to be the petrol attendant too. Even while one of us was supposed to be resting, we had to double up as a toll bridge for his train.... sigh. Moreover, I was supposed to be resting my sprained foot.

<== Initial train.. A much longer train ==>

In the evening, off we went to Costa Sands Pasir Ris chalet to celebrate Kate's 1st birthday. Baby G ate his beehoon and beancurd, his usual good behaviour when it's eating time. After that, he played balloons with the rest of the kids, and his usual 'cannot share' behaviour emerged. I had to pry the balloon out of his hands which made him start crying and daddy had to take him out to cool down.

Here are some of the photos of the party...... enjoy.....

<=== Kate's beautiful & delicious cake (look at the trains, Baby G loved it)

<=== Kate & her daddy....

<=== Kate's family.....

<=== Kate's daddy & mummy's friends....


hugs & kisses

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