Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Azabu Sabo

Today is the 1st day of my long leave. Feels so relaxed at home. Since I need not go to work, Daddy sent Baby G to childcare in the morning.

I prepared an egg sandwich for my breakfast and then did some housework. After that, played games on my laptop and then off to pick Baby G up from school. Met Daddy halfway and we all had lunch together.

I also made plans to meet up with my best friend since she was also on leave. I pre-prepared Baby G's lunch while he was sleeping. Somehow, Baby G seemed to know that we'd be going out cause he only slept for about 1.5hrs (his normal time is usually more than 2.5hrs). So I quickly turned on the electric steamer and gave Baby G a bath while the food was cooking. By the time we finished everything, the food was all ready. I highly recommend an electric steamer since I need not keep watch over it and I can do other things. Very time efficient.

We left the house and it rained cats and dogs so no choice, took a cab to go to Central @ Clark Quay.

When Baby G saw auntie PP, he hid behind me and acted shy around her. As it was time for Baby G's lunch, I requested to go to a place that at least had a baby chair so that I don't have to worry about him running around the place. We decided on Azabu Sabo. Their desserts looked really nice and we decided on the tea-time special (a kind of Hokkaido dessert) while Baby G had his steamed rice / meat / egg lunch. By the way, the coffeee was really nice.

==> This is what Auntie PP had (green tea ice cream + coffee)

==> This is what I had (chocolate ice cream + coffee)
==> Baby G enjoying his homecooked lunch
These 2 were taken by Baby G himself. 1st one quite artistic, 2nd one not bad except for the finger.
hugs & kisses

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