Friday, March 27, 2009

Ouch! Ouch!

Yesterday, Baby G got another bite from his classmate. This time it was on the right arm. According to the teacher, he snatched the powder from Student NN and she retaliated by biting him. Lucky this time it's not a bad bite, leaving only a slight bruise. Not as bad as the previous incident by the dreaded Student Z. Anyway this time, it was Baby G who started it all, so I can't really blame Student NN. I told Baby G that he's not supposed to snatch things, but he explained to me that he wanted to "keep NN's powder". So I told him that if he wants to keep things that do not belong to him, he has to ask his teacher first. He told me "ok, mummy".
==> Very mild bruise as compared to the previous incidents.
hugs & kisses

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