Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Since last week I did not have the chance to bake my chocolate chip cookies, I decided that today would be the best time to try it out.
The receipe I had served 48 cookies which I think is a bit too much, especially this is my first try. So I halved everything and came out with 24 cookies, although it could have been more if I had scooped lesser amounts per cookie.

==> Getting ready all the ingredients just before whisking them.

==> The dough after whisking with my xmas gift (electric whisker)
==> Just before baking

==> Dough's getting bigger & bigger

==> Final product.. cookies are a bit large but luckily not humongous.
As usual, my self-appointed taster had the first bite.
First reaction :- "Mmmm.. Not bad" ( can be interpreted as 'he likes it'.. hahahaha )
Delayed reaction :- "Cookies a bit soft" ( but I told him it's supposed to be crumbly & not hard )
My own reaction :- I kinda like it. Best part is that it's not that sweet (maybe cause I put lesser sugar than what was in the orginal receipe).
Happy with cookies

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