Wednesday, March 4, 2009

HFMD - Day 6

Day 6 (Wed) : Today Baby G was being more of his usual playful self. We started the day doing the Barney jigsaw puzzle that Mama bought, actually it was more like me passing him the pieces & telling him where to put them. After that we did some colouring activities on his Thomas Train colouring book, also courtesy from Mama. I noticed that Baby G can't really sit through an entire colouring session as compared to doing other games he played. I see visions of me nagging at him to sit down and finish his homework... haha... but that's a story for another time. We also played soccer, ball courtesy from Ah Ma. I even managed to squeeze in some ironing while Baby G quietly watched his Barney VCDs. All in all, I think Baby G is really getting much better. Tomorrow, Daddy will be looking after Baby G. Will try to update again when I get details from Daddy.

Thank God for Baby G's quick recovery

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