Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Ah Goh!

Today we post-celebrated Ah Goh's birthday at our humble abode. We decided on a simple dinner with durians for dessert.
Dinner consisted of :-
Tiong Bahru Market : Chwee Kueh & Siew Mai
Shunfu Market : Hakka Soon Kueh, Glutinuous Rice & Yam
Kovan : Durians & Mangosteens

Instead of writing about it, let me simply show you the pictures....
==> Ah Goh & his "Awfully Chocolate" cake

==> Blowing the candle.... ps. look at where Baby G's eyes are...
==> Cheeze everyone!

<== Durians Galore ==>
==> 1 durian for u, 1 for me & 2 fingers for Alastair.
==> Baby G & Chloe
<== 2 demure-looking sisters ==>
Happy birthday Adrian!
hugs & kisses


Anonymous said...

OMG....Jess....the table of Durian on the horizontal roll??

You ppls can die man.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is 'Yummy!'
Baby G's Mummy