Saturday, March 28, 2009


We decided to go down to IKEA for breakfast today since my card is expiring next Wed (no more free coffee... sob sob). Before that, we went to Giant to pick up our weekly groceries. Supposed to only buy milk powder & bread and we ended up spending $120.... whahaha.... That's the problem with these huge hypermarts.... so many things available, tempting to just buy.. buy... buy.....
I also wanted to get those chilli flakes (that one would normally put on pizzas/pasta), but it cost $5.85 for a small container... so expensive! So, in the end, I decided to get those dried red chillies and grind them up instead and it only costs me $0.25!! End result, it tasted almost similar but slightly more spicy than usual. So from now on, no more ready-made chilli flakes for me. It's simply not worth it.
After loading our stuff into the car, off we went to IKEA for breakfast. At 945am (breakfast starts at 930am), the place was jammed-packed. Lucky Daddy managed to find a seat while I went to collect the vouchers. I managed to borrow the kid's card from FMY but we did not realise that kid's meals were only available after 1030am. So we still went ahead with the normal breakfast and took our time to eat. I was determined to wait til 1030am just to get the kids' meal for Baby G even though he already shared some of our breakfast.
My 2 boys enjoying their breakfast

At 1030am, Daddy went to order the fish burger & fries Kids Meal for Baby G. By that time, Baby G was feeling very sleepy, but he was just as determined to eat his food. He also started to get a little cranky and didn't even want to share his food with us.

<= Falling asleep yet still wan to eat =>

In the end, we quickly packed up (including the small burger) & I carried the wailing boy out of the restaurant. He cried all the way until we brought him to the slide to play. Here, he was much happier and forgot about his burger.

Baby G slept all the way back home.
hugs & kisses

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