Monday, January 26, 2009

Year of the Ox

Our reunion dinner is always held at 2 places. My mum's and MIL's place. My mum's place would be the 1st stop, so usually it'll be quite an early dinner so that we can rush back in time for the 2nd dinner.
Every year, dinner is the same food.... my mum will prepare her chicken curry and 'bakwan kepiting'.. by the way, with all the "Little Nyonya" hype going on.... let me just share that my parents are 100% peranakans, which makes me a little nyonya too... hahaha....

<-- Should have taken a proper picture of the food....
Dinner at my MIL's is generally steamboat (pretty traditional). Baby G enjoyed his favourite beancurd and pork balls.

On the 1st day of CNY, we would go to MaMa's place in the morning. This year was pretty rushed because both Baby G & me woke up late, so we didn't really get to spend as much time as we would like. So it was just a quick breakfast and pay our respects (i.e. get our ang pows) and off we went to a temple at Mohammed Sultan.

<-- Baby G getting his ang pow....
After the temple visit, we went over to Ah Ma's place. Baby G got hold of GuGu's camera and started clicking away..... here are all the pictures that Baby G took.... I would say not too bad for a two & half year old. Heh heh.

From L->R : ShuShu, GuGu, KaiFu

From L->R : "Ah Choo" (don't know why Baby G keep calling this name), PoPo, Daddy

From L->R : The one who bribed Baby G with Bak-kwa, YanZhen CheChe.
Hoping the Ox year will be kind to her

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