Saturday, January 3, 2009

Chocolate Mousse....

I learnt another new receipe again and couldn't wait to try it out on my new electric mixer that Daddy bought for me for my xmas gift. Thanks Daddy!
<-- My new mixer (no more manual work)
I decided to do chocolate mousse as it required very few ingredients and the most important part is that I can use my new mixer to beat the egg whites til they are fluffy.

L-R -> Eggs whites, Egg yolks & melted chocolates

The final output...

Comments from Daddy (my self appointed food taster).....

"a bit bitter... sweeter would be better" --> I think coz I used dark chocolates instead of milk chocolates.
Comments from myself ....
"a bit too rich, maybe portions should be smaller per person"
Room for improvement


Anonymous said...

Mousse should come in a smaller portion or thinner layer. Else it can be very "je luk"


Anonymous said...

Actually, the receipe said to scoop the amount out and serve... but I was too lazy, so scoop everything into a glass since this is only for trying and not meant for presentation... hahaha
Gabriel's Mummy