Monday, January 12, 2009

Cough.. Cough... Atishoo!

This weekend, we didn't plan much as I had to work on Sat... and also Baby G came down with the flu bug.

The worse was Friday night when he kept throwing up whatever he ate, yet, the poor boy kept asking for food as he was feeling hungry. We spent most of Friday night cleaning and changing our bedsheets.

Luckily on Sat itself, Baby G's condition was much better, at least he didn't throw up everything he ate. According to Daddy, he managed to eat some cereal and drink the very diluted milk. On Sunday, luckily I didn't need to go back to office, so went out for grocery shopping. Baby G was very happy to get out of the house even though he was still feeling under the weather.

Today, Baby G is back at school, he's coughing less frequently, but the phlegm seems to have thicken a bit.... quite worried that it may progress to bronchitis if it drags. Will probably take him to see the doctor tomorrow evening if I don't see any improvement in him.

Hoping Baby G gets well soon


viv said...

oh dear poor gabriel.... wishing him speedy revocery!!

Hot Mama said...

ai yoh.. so sayang...*hugz*

Jacky said...

oh dear, poor boy. But San & Alex must take care of yourself too.

Anonymous said...

Viv : Thanks for the wishes.. we just went to the doc again for more medication...

Hot Mama : Baby G thanks Hot Mama for her hugs.... *muaks* *muaks* from Baby G

Jacky : Will need to pump in more vitamins... heh heh...

Gabriel's Mummy