Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year Celebration - 2009

We organized a post new year celebration with friends yesterday. Also in town is Daddy's long-time friend, Jammy from Indonesia who came down to visit.

We decided not to cook & to buy dim sum instead. We went out early in the morning to the various places to get the food.

Shunfu :-
- Hakka food (Soon Kueh, Glutinious Rice)
- Muffins
Tiong Bahru market :-
- Chwee Kueh
- Siew Mai
Bugis Junction :-
- JCo donuts

Auntie Doris made her special lamb dish on the request of Auntie Jennifer. Delicious! I had 2 large pieces.... *sinful*.... Monday must skip lunch to compensate.

Initially, when everyone arrived, Baby G was pretty shy and kept close to me, but once his engine had revved up, he started to show his toys to all the uncles & aunties. He had a special affinity with Uncle Ronnie; from the kitchen, while heating up the food, I could hear him calling "Uncle Ronnie" this and "Uncle Ronnie" that....
<-- Uncle Ronnie with the 'act cute' face (trying to imitate Baby G)

<-- Our friends -->
In the end, everyone was so full that we didn't have a chance to eat the muffins/donuts and the fruits that Auntie Jennifer bought. Luckily, AhMa & gang came over after dinner to help us clear some of the desserts as we would be eating muffins & donuts over the next few days.

Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you all had a good time.
Enjoyed the company of friends

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