Monday, February 2, 2009

Ren Ri (人日)

Today is the 7th day of the Lunar New Year which is everyone's birthday. Instead of the usual Sunday dinner at my MIL's place, we decided to invite everyone to our place instead. We started out early in the morning for our grocery shopping. We stopped by IKEA for breakfast where Baby G enjoyed his crossiant & egg breakfast tremendously.

<-- Yummy -->

After IKEA, we went over to Giant. We had to shop quickly cause Baby G became really tired (must be from the cough mixture given to him in the morning) and fell asleep on my shoulder. Daddy had to quickly find all his ingredients while I was carrying Baby G. We made it out in record time (all within 30mins).

Baby G slept for quite a while, which gave me sufficient time to clear up the place a little.

Everyone arrived around 6plus. As usual, initially, Baby G was pretty unfriendly, but after he warmed up, he started to give everyone his 'Barney' stickers. Quite funny to see all the stickers on us.

<-- Lo Hei is a must -->

<- The dishes that Daddy whipped up ->

Baby G even made ShuShu be his very own 'Ox'.

<-- See the cheeky look on Baby G

After dinner, we went down to the Anchorvale CC to catch the floats from Chingay. It was almost an hour's wait before we actually got to see them. Here are some of the pictures of the floats.

<-- All of us waiting for the floats to arrive....

From L->R : Fire-breathing Dragons, Noah's Ark, CDC's Parade of Floats.

From L->R : Ship, Caterpillar

From L -> R : Daddy & Baby G, Our family, Baby G waving as the floats drove past.
Happy Birthday to All

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