Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ouch..... Again!

Poor Baby G!! And a 'Tsk Tsk Tsk' to Student Z. Another case of Baby G being bitten.

According to the note written in the notebook, none of the teachers realised he was bitten until he came sobbing to them & told them what happened. As no one saw anything, they were not sure if it was Student Z again. I asked Baby G who bit him and Baby G told me it was Student Z.

The next morning when I dropped him off at school, I happened to meet Student Z & his dad and the funny thing was another girl student, MT came up to Baby G & Student Z and said the words "Student Z bite Baby G". After hearing this, I was even more convinced that Baby G was telling the truth. The dad either did not hear what MT said or just simply ignored it. In his haste to leave, he left his car keys on the table. So I called out to him that he forgot his keys. He turned back, said "oh"... took his keys & walked off without looking at me. What a rude fellow!! Totally no basic sense of courtesy whatsoever! Not even a simple 'thank you'. Hmmmm.... is it a case of "Like Father.. Like Son"?

I called the Centre Manager to further discuss on the biting issue and as usual, the same "promises" were given. I also checked if Baby G was the only one that Student Z bites and she admitted that he has bitten other kids too. I asked her if she has talked to his parents about all these incidents but I felt that she did not give a very convincing reply.

On a separate note, I also called MCYS to see what things can be done to improve the situation. I'm still waiting for the officer to call me for a discussion.

Poor Baby G has quite a few "scars" on him now. Although all the bites eventually heal; for some of them, can still see the faint markings of the bites.

--> Courtesy of the dreaded Student Z!!!
Poor Baby G... sob sob.


Anonymous said...

This is really so ridiculous and outrages! probably that student Z has some "anger-control" issues and needs to be treated so Im really hope the school actually talked to his parents abt it and realised how serious and dangerous his act is. Proper actions or precautious measures need to be in placed else the victims will always be Baby G, and who knows, some day, his ear might get bitten off and suffered in long-term. The father of his shld at least be apologetic..

So Pissed.

U might want to print some photos of the scars and show his parents!

Really "Hot" mama

Anonymous said...

Good idea. I might print out all the photos and keep them.... just in case it's required for evidence. Then can at least show the teachers just how often the incidents are.
Gabriel Mummy