Monday, September 1, 2008

Vivo City

We were supposed to go to Vivocity to let Baby G try out the open-air play area, but the moment we walked out to the patio, it started to drizzle. Baby G looked so disappointed. From then on, we knew that the remaining of the day wouldn't really be that great.

We decided to go shopping instead, but Baby G was quite uncooperative, insisting on wanting to be carried all the way. When we tried to put him down, he simply clung on to us and wouldn't let go; just like a koala bear. Both Daddy & me were exhausted from carrying him most of the time.

We went down to Hog's Breath for dinner. We had quite a good view of the trains going into Sentosa. That was the highlight for Baby G. Every train that past by, Baby G kept saying "Mummy, train..." and he even stood up from his baby chair. The buckles can no longer keep

Baby G down. Dinner wasn't too bad. We shared the Chicken Burger & Cajun Salmon. The chicken burger comes highly recommended. The patty was very juicy even though it was chicken breast meat. Baby G ate the porridge that we brought, but the moment he saw our curly fries.... he decided that the porridge wasn't as appetizing and wanted the fries instead. Luckily, he already ate 1 bowl of porridge and so we allowed him small pieces of the fries.

Baby G is getting more independent now. He'll want to feed himself instead of Mummy feeding him. Good for him. That leaves Mummy more time for herself.
==> Here u see Baby G trying to get the fries.
After dinner, we went to Giant to do our weekly grocery shopping. Phew! What an adventure. Baby G was so difficult to handle. He was at his worst behaviour. From grabbing everything off the shelves and putting them in the trolley to crying loudly and climbing out of the trolley. I smacked Baby G a couple of times. He cried even more and gave me a pitiful look, but I was not going to fall for his tricks. In the end, I think he was simply exhausted from 'fighting' us, when he got into the car seat, he immediately slept soundly. We finally had a peaceful drive home.
What a day!
hugs & kisses


Alex said...

I must say, at one stage, we sought of ignored him, then he start to realise that we are serious and start to behave for a while.

Anonymous said...

Gabriel daddy's first comment.... now i'm motivated again.....
Gabriel's Mummy