Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ah Ma's Birthday

In the morning, Baby G woke us up quite early, so we decided to go out for breakfast & grocery shopping. We went down to KouFu at Compassvale for the very nice carrot cake, but too bad, it is no longer the usual chef, so it wasn't as nice as previously. We also ordered the breakfast set and when Baby G saw the half-boiled eggs, he 'scrambled' for it. We broke the egg and mashed it up for him to eat. He really enjoyed it very much, ate the whole egg on his own, he even scrapped the plate just to get the last portion.

After breakfast, we went to Giant@Tampines for our groceries. Baby G was relatively good this time, quietly sitting in the trolley and did not really make a nuisance of himself (unlike the previous Giant trip @ VivoCity.. see earlier post). Baby G even helped us to place our items into the trolley, actually, it was more like 'throwing' it into the trolley.

In the evening, we went down to MacPherson for Fish Steamboat dinner with AhMa, AhGong, GuGu, ShuShu & YeePo as it was AhMa's birthday. At one point, Baby G grabbed for the bowl of hot soup and spilled it on his hands. His hands were kinda red after that and he cried quite pitifully. But we managed to calm him down by showing him the road diggers along the road, but the poor boy kept telling us "Mummy, hand pain" and showed us his semi-scalded hand.
After dinner, we went to Central (Clarke Quay) to view the Mid Autumn Festival lanterns on display. YeePo bought Baby G a Mickey Mouse lantern which was quite nice.

After the walk, we went to TCC@Central for desserts. We ordered a cake for AhMa and sang her a brthday song. Baby G was so lively there. He sang songs with us and even danced.

While uploading the photos, I managed to find a photo taken a year ago for AhMa's birthday too. See how much Baby G has changed. Notice that AhMa wore the same clothes for both years' celebration... heh heh.

In 2008 In 2007
Happy birthday AhMa!
hugs & kisses


陈芮雅 said...

He can dance!! He has my genes!haha

Alex, Sandra & Gabriel said...

yeah man.... next stage... pole dancing... hahaha