Thursday, September 25, 2008

Baby G's Wounds

On Monday (23rd Sept), Baby G was bitten by one of the children at his ChildCare Centre. The poor boy was bitten on the left ear and the wound looked quite bad. This would be the 4th biting incident from the same boy!!! This boy (let's call him Student Z since he's a minor and cannot be named) bit Baby G twice within 2 weeks and a total of 4 times, each about 2 months apart. Soon Baby G will have scars all over him, courtesy of Student Z.

As concerned parents, we decided to write to the school to ask them to look into the matter and to prevent such incidents in the future. The Centre Manager has arranged to meet up with us on Sat to discuss this issue. Not that we are trying to blow up the matter, but the poor boy has nightmares; waking up at times, saying "Student Z bite , pain pain". My heart goes out to Baby G. But the ironic thing is when I ask Baby G who is his friend, he'll say "Student Z". The teachers tell us that the two of them play together quite often, but they both also like to get into skirmishes over toys or games.
My friend & colleague, M told me to teach Baby G to punch back the other boy or at least, ask the teachers to muzzle up Student Z a la Hannibal Lector to prevent him from more biting... hahaha....
Will update more here after talking to the teachers on Sat.
hugs & kisses


Hot Mama said...

Ai yoh... So poor thing...Such deadly bites! What's wrong with that Student Z??!! Was it a full moon on 23rd Sept??!!

Anonymous said...

He's still having nightmares... the poor boy.....
Baby G's Mummy