Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bon Voyage, Uncle Alan..... Happy Mid-Autmn Festival

The first part of the blog is dedicated to Uncle Alan as he's going away for a year's stint in AUS.

Today, both me & Baby G went down to VivoCity's Marche to meet up with Uncle AY. Baby G enjoyed the entire MRT ride from Sengkang to Harbourfront, standing on the seat most of the time to look at the opposite platforms to see if he could catch a glimpse of the trains.

Uncle AG & us arrived at the same time, while Uncles AY, DY, Auntie Stef & GorGor Zac were already there. I packed Baby G's lunch in the new Food Warmer that I bought the other day. I think there were too many distractions over there, so he didn't finish his makan. In the end, I had to finish it for him. After some time, Uncle AK & Auntie BT arrived. Auntie BT looks very different since seeing her about 2 months ago. Blame it on all the carbos. She's due any time. Soon Baby G will have another DiDi to play with (or is it bully).. haha. Also, a special thanks for Auntie Stef for the lunch treat... we should have this more often... heh heh.

We left VivoCity around 5plus to go to AhMa's place. The queue at Vivo was so long, I decided to take a train down 1 station to Outram. When we reached there, it was raining & I didn't have the brolly. Baby G kept complaining that he was wet. Luckily, we managed to flag a taxi to go to AhMa's place.

At AhMa's place, we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival. ShuShu put up lanterns along the corridor. Baby G was so enthralled. Daddy finally arrived, Baby G was so excited to see Daddy. Everywhere Baby G went, he wanted Daddy to follow him. He even held Daddy's hand to make sure Daddy follows him. So sweet.

Happy Mid Autmn Festival!
Bon Voyage, Uncle AY.

hugs & kisses

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