Monday, September 1, 2008

RSAF - 40th Anniversary

I didn't manage to update the blog last night as I was not feeling well. Anyway, yesterday, we visited the RSAF 40th Anniversary Open House @ Paya Lebar Air Base (PLAB).

As Daddy was afraid that there wouldn't be enough parking lots, we decided to park at Hougang and take the shuttle bus to PLAB. Baby G was very excited as it was the first time that he'll be taking a bus. Baby G kept saying 'sit bus... sit bus'. He behaved pretty well. We queued up and soon the bus came and we were on the way.....

Our 1st stop was the RSAF Museum where all the 'old' planes were on display. As we were rushing off for the aerial display at 5pm, we did not have a chance to view all the planes on display.
At 5pm sharp, the aerial display began. As we were so near the planes (about 50m), the sounds were so loud. Baby G was terrified. He told us 'scared'.... and clung on to Daddy, looking very subdued. But when we saw the F15s, F16s flying high in the sky, he became excited again. But the moment the planes got nearby, he got scared again due to the booming sounds from the engines. We saw Super Pumas, Chinooks & the F15s/F16s performing.

After the aerial display ended, we slowly took our time to enjoy the things that the open house had to offer.
=> Here is Daddy & Baby G (he's still recovering from the scare he had)

From left to right :-
(1) Here we are, queuing to get onto the plane.
(2) Here's Baby G & Daddy coming down from the plane.
(3) Shu Shu carrying Baby G.

From left to right :-
(1) We're all on our way home.
(2) Mummy & Baby G posing near an old helicopter.
(3) Baby G trying to pose with a 'V' sign, but failing..... haha
(4) Baby G posing with a smile.

Happy 40th Anniversary, RSAF!
hugs & kisses

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