Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bus Ride

We spent a day shopping on Sat as I wanted to get a new dress. We parked nearby Comcentre and took a bus to Taka as Baby G wanted to "sit bus.. sit bus". He was so excited when he saw so many buses stopping, kept pointing out and asking us to "stop bus... stop bus".

We had dinner at ThaiExpress @ Paragon. Baby G enjoyed the prawn balls and Daddy enjoyed the Olive Rice, but I didn't really like the Seafood Green Laksa.

By the way, I finally managed to get my dress.

On Sunday, we spent most of the day at home, except in the morning when we went for breakfast & grocery shopping at NTUC @ AMK Hub. Again, we were lucky enough to get the "car trolley" for Baby G. He was so happy and he quietly sat in the car and never once complained nor made any noise. If only we could get the "car trolley" everytime we go grocery shopping, life would certainly be more peaceful and we'd probably be able to get our shopping done much faster. As usual, leaving the car was the most difficult part. Baby G kept saying that the car belonged to him and pitifully cried "Want sit Beh-brel car" over and over until he fell asleep in the car.

After he woke up, I was cleaning up the store room and he saw the potty that was kept there. He took it out and told me "ugh ugh" and sat on it. Another photo opportunity.. haha.

We went to AhMa's place for dinner. He kept playing with the SCDF helmut and "ducky" tricycle. AhMa gave him a lunchbox with handle and asked him to buy hamburgers and give everyone. He actually pretended to give out hamburgers from the lunchbox to all. Everyone was quite amused by his antics.

hugs & kisses

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