Saturday, November 19, 2011

Taiwan - 7th Nov 2011 - Day Five

Breakfast at Parkview was really nice, coupled with the panoramic view of the golf course and the lovely breakfast spread.

After breakfast, we visited the Aboriginal Local Product store (原住民山地特产中心).  It was more of an introduction to their Lingzhi and Deer Foetus/Placenta.  For this, we were not too interested so after they did their sales talk, we looked around and then went outside to wait for the other tour mates.  We spent about an hour an a half there before we went on for our lunch.
After our sumptous lunch, we took a walk towards the train station to go to Taipei.  Along the way, our tour guide brought us to a shop that sells 'muah chee' & other tidbits.  We ended up buying quite a few packets to bring home.

As we approached the train station, we saw some dinosaur sculptures outside & Baby G was happy to pose with them together with his new-found friends, Kai Chong & Kai Yi.

Our tour guide bought our tickets for us.  Soon, we boarded the train to SuAoXin.

After about an hour's ride, we reached our destination.  There, our bus driver was waiting for us to bring us to the famous Taipei 101 building.

The weather started to be more wet and as we reached Taipei city, the rain started to be beat down heavier than expected.  It also started to get colder than usual.  As it also was a bit more foggy, our tour guide advised us against going up the top floors as the view would be obstructed.  So, in the end, we simply shopped around Taipei 101.


After about an hour of walking around Taipei 101, off we went to Xi Men Ding.  Just a short stop to the local products store to buy tidbits again.

When we reached Xi Men Ding, our guide told us to try something we seldom see... White Bittergourd as a drink.  Only Daddy tried it, both me & Baby G decided to give it a miss.

We walked around the shopping district, but it was drizzling so didn't get much chance to walk along the streets.  End up, we went to have our Ah Chong Vermicelli instead.  Hot mee suah on a cool evening.... shiok.  Baby G enjoyed it so much that we had to order another bowl.



Our guide also brought us to try out their Deep Fried Chicken Chop.  First try, it was super crispy and delicious but as we continued to eat, it started to get really salty.  Baby G, however, loved it... but we still had to control his intake as we didn't want him to get sore throat or cough.  We also stopped by the market to have some light dinner.  Finally tried their Hao Jian but I think I still prefer our local version as theirs was too wet.


After our dinner, we got back on the bus to check into our next hotel, Fullon Hotel.  Again, another spacious room with 2 queen-sized beds.  Loved their 'see-through' window of the bathroom.

After we settled down, we decided to roam around the shops nearby the hotel but most were closed.  It was our lucky night when we spotted this quaint store selling Dou Jiang & You Tiao.  So... guess what we had for supper?


And that ends our 5th day adventure.  The holidays are ending soon..... left only 2 more days.


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