Monday, November 28, 2011

Staycation - Sentosa

I was actually planning a little surprise on our anniversary with a staycation at Pan Pacific.  However, there wasn't any vacancies and we had to settle for Sentosa instead.  We started out quite late at Resorts World for our lunch.  We walked around and finally settled on Hard Rock Cafe.

Finally lunch is served.


Did a little shopping around the HRC shop.

And some touristy stuff...... like walking along the Universal Studios globe etc.

As the weather started to get warmer.  We decided to check-in to our chalet.  The place looked exactly the same as when we last visited.  Although it was definitely smaller than what we enjoyed in Taiwan, it just seemed more cosy.  Baby G enjoyed just chilling and watching his cartoons.

After his cartoons ended, we managed to persuade him to go out on a walk along the beach.


Soon he started to enjoy getting his feet in the sand and standing near the shoreline as the waves came and receded.  However, he was worried about getting his shorts wet and kept holding it up with his hands.  What a funny sight.  Even though we told him we brought extra clothes for him, he just continued to do so.

Even when we were washing out feet to get rid of the sand, he continued to hold on to his shorts, even though it was already wet.


After hanging aound Siloso Beach, we decided to hand down to Palawan Beach.  We took the beach tram to our next destination.  As dusk approached, it offered us a beautiful view of the horizon.

We crossed the rocky bridge to reach the 'Southern most point of Continental Asia'.  Baby G particularly enjoyed walking across the wobbly bridge.

Finally it became too dark and we decided to have our dinner.  Just before dinner, Baby G requested to play around the water area near Koufu.  He happily got himself wet this time; no worries on his clothes.

Finally, it is dinner time.  After having spent all his energy, his appetite increased.  He finished an entire plate of Wan-Tan noodles.  I had to order my own meal.

After a good night's rest, it's time for an early morning breakfast.


We decided on taking all the various modes of transport around the isle of Sentosa.  Seemed like the fun idea.

And what seemed like such a wonderful time, it was soon time to check-out.


And our last stop for our weekend staycation, VivoCity for lunch.  We opted for White Dog Cafe as they had a lovely & unrestricted view of Sentosa and the Sentosa Express (monorail) which we knew Baby G would enjoy.  Also, the food there was pretty delicious.

And that ends our staycation-cum-anniversary weekend celebration.

Missing the relaxing time at Sentosa....

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Carrie said...

Feel to go for weekend trip to Sentosa after reading ur blog... Great job!