Monday, November 14, 2011

Taiwan - 5th Nov 2011 - Day Three

Our 3rd day of adventure started with breakfast at E-Da Skylark.  This time round, Baby G's appetite was much better and he managed to finish a much fuller set of breakfast instead of just 1 bowl of porridge the previous day.

After breakfast, we were ready for our Theme Park adventure..... Baby G insisted on using his sunglasses as he said it's too sunny.... I think he looks pretty cool in his shades, don't you think so?
Here are some shots of the outdoor theme park.  Most of the outdoor ones were mostly for the adults and not really suitable for Baby G. 

Since our main focus for for Baby G's enjoyment, we decided to go straight to the indoor games for him.  Me & Daddy took turns accompanying him on some of the rides.
The "Crazy House" ride was really crazy... made the 3 of us really giddy.... Baby G, Daddy & myself gave it 2 thumbs-down.

While Daddy was busy in the toilet, me & Baby G rode the "Fire Warriors".  At first, I accompanied Baby G on the ride, but on the 2nd ride, he told me he was ok to go up on it by himself.

When Daddy came out, the next ride we attempted was the "Flying Tigers".  Luckily I decided to take the ride with Baby G.  This one looked very gentle, but as the plane turned, it did a rather sharp turn & Baby G kept slipping down into the seats.  He totally didn't like it at all.  He grabbed my hands and told me that this is not a fun ride.  You can tell he just wanted it to end as quickly as possible.  When we got down, he told his Daddy that it's a lousy plane that caused him to keep falling down.  Looks like he's not the dare-devil kind.

As we explored floor to floor, we found this fast-food restaurant and decided to stop for lunch.  I liked the decor of this restaurant.  Very colourful & lots of very bright & chirpy-looking pictures.  Food was so-so only though.  My only grouse : They do not have chilli sauce, only ketchup.  Totally not cool.

As we moved on to the 3rd level, about half of the place was still under renovations.  Luckily, we continued to explore to the 4th level and found more activities that were to Baby G's liking.  His 2 most favourite were the "North Pole" & "Power Poddler" (or should it be Poppler or Paddler?... you tell me).  He went on these a total of 3 times each.

As we only had about 1hr left, we allowed Baby G one more ride before going down to watch the parade.  He choose the "Junior Jet".

We quickly went down to the main arena to watch the parade.  Not really that fantastic though.  Perhaps I was expecting too much.  It's just people in costumes & some floats going around the audience.  The performers didn't look like they were really into it.

We did not watch the entire parade as it was getting too hot.  The sun was really blazing down & we could feel the skin getting really hot.  We decided to go back to the hotel & meet up with the rest of the tour mates... but before we leave, we must take the Monorail.  The Monorail is something that Baby G has been looking forward to the most.

After we met up with our tour mates, our next destination was the Mei Non Hakka Village (美浓客家村).  By then, Baby G was fast asleep from the hectic day at the Theme Park.  At the Hakka village, the main attractions were their handicraft & the Lei-Cha (擂茶).  The Lei-Cha tasted like rice crispies in green tea mixture.  Interesting texture but tastes quite plain.  Nothing much here, only got some cute fridge magnets as souveniers.

After the Hakka visit, on to the night market visit, our 2nd one.  Here we went to Leohe Night Market (六合夜市).  As dinner was not provided, the tour guide advised us to either ta-bo back or eat there directly.  Since we didn't want to rush through our meals, we decided to ta-bo but first, some shopping.
Again, not much selection as mostly winter wear so off for our makan spree.

We stopped by the 'Smelly Beancurd' stall and let Baby G try..... his expression is truly priceless....

While Daddy queued for our food, Baby G did some clowning around for the camera.

Here's Daddy queuing and buying our dinner.  Looks like we are going to have a feast...

One of Baby G's favourite foods from the night market was the Fried Mushrooms.  He munched on them non-stop.  My only regret was not buying 2 sets as I felt that I did not have enough as Baby G took most of them.

After getting our dinner, we went back our hotel to leisurely savour our dinner.  As it took longer than expected to get back to the hotel & check-in, some of the food turned slighly cold & soggy so it wasn't as nice as expected.  We should have eaten some of the stuff at the market itself, but there were simply too many people to eat properly, especially with the little one in tow.


After dinner, as there was still time, we decided to venture out on our own and take a "Love Boat" ride along the river.  Only costs us NT80 per adult & NT40 per child.  For a 20min boat ride, it was well worth the money.  While queuing to board the boat, we met our tour mates, Auntie Karen & Uncle Jonathan who also had the same idea as us.  What a lovely concidence.  After the boat ride, we shared a cab and Uncle Jonathan kindly treated us to the taxi ride.



Our hotel stay for the 3rd night was at Shi Hzu Wan (高雄西子湾大饭店).  This time, the room was not as spacious as the previous 2 and we only had 2 queen-sized beds, which meant I had to share with Baby G.  As expected, not a truly comfortable sleep for me as I had to endure a night of my little "Wong Fei Hong's Wu Ying Jiao"......

Good night everyone....... looking forward to Day 4 of our Taiwan adventure tomorrow.....


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