Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our Stay @ St. Regis

After talking about it in the last post, it would be such a shame not to show why St Regis is rated 6-stars.

Firstly, I was awed by the service. Impeccable.. everyone was so nice and whenever they see someone looking lost or unsure, the friendly staff was on hand to offer their assistance.

Secondly, huge room! I love our room (in fact, every other day, Daddy or myself will reminisce the place). It was so spacious that we even managed to have a party there.

Thirdly, we were 'assigned' a 24-hour butler who tended to our needs. I was most impressed with this. Our butler was a Japanese lady named Hitomi. The butler's tasks were to see to the guests' needs. For us, mostly we needed our coffee & teas. The room doesn't provide those 3-in-1 instant coffee sachets but freshly made coffee/latte/cuppacino/mocha/all sorts of teas/hot chocolate... brought to us by Hitomi. Baby G especially loved his hot chocolate.

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Enough said... I'm missing the place again... here are some pictures instead....

Missing the place already


Jacky said...

wow! very nice leh.

how big a hole it burn in your pocket for the stay there??

Anonymous said...

Ky-ge... it was a free night's stay.. courtesy of Borneo Motors.. hahaha....
Baby G's Mummy