Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Meet The Parents" Session

It's the end of Term 1 & Term 2 for Baby G, so today the school has arranged a 'Meet The Parents' session to update the parents on their child's progress. We were supposed to go at 12:10pm so we decided to head down to IKEA before meeting the teachers for Baby G's update.

We set off about 930am. Baby G was pretty excited, especially once he knew he was going to IKEA for breakfast.

Before....... Hungry man is too busy to pose After............. the look of pure satisfaction
Can you believe that he ate everything that was on the plate??? And that was supposed to be my breakfast!
His breakfast today :-
- 1.5 sausages (the other 0.5, he shared with me)
- 1.5 hash brown (the other 0.5, he shared with me)
- all the scrambled eggs (except maybe 2 small pieces that I took without his knowledge)
- A third of the crossiant (1/3 to me & another 1/3 to Daddy)
- 2 glasses of water.
- few pieces of french fries.
Lucky Daddy shared some of his breakfast with me, else I would be super hungry.
After the hearty IKEA breakfast, we went to Giant for some grocery shopping and we were so caught up, we were late for our session.

By the time we reached his school, I think we were the last set of parents there. But actually, it was good cause at least the place was quiet and not that many people. The last 'Meet The Parents' session, we had to wait almost 1hr before the teachers came to us and during our session, it was pretty rushed cause there were other parents waiting for their turns too.

I think this time the meet up was more positive. At least, we get to share our concerns with the teachers and at the same time, hear what the teachers have to say about Baby G.

Overall, the teachers seem to say that Baby G is quite smart, however, he needs to work on his behavioural skills. He's not able to sit still for very long and usually will join anyone else who is up to some mischief. He doesn't like colouring/drawing very much, however, they were impressed with his participation in the singing lessons. Whenever the teacher asks who wants to sing songs, Baby G is the first to come out & join in. Baby G also engages in conversations with the teachers. His English verbal skills are quite good, however, his 2nd language verbal skills are lacking. He can understand what the teacher wants but he usually will reply back in English.

Comments from English teacher & Chinese teacher (though it seems quite similar)
Room for Improvement for Baby G

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