Monday, June 15, 2009

Disney @ Parkway Parade

On Sat morning, we decided to pop down to East Coast for some workout.... cycling, that is. We stopped for breakfast at The Playground's KFC before our 'journey'. Baby G enjoyed the porridge very much. Not only did he finish almost half the bowl, he even slurped down to the very last drop.

We cycled all the way from The Playground to the jetty area where lots of people were fishing. Baby G was very excited to see so many small fishes

As usual, on the way back to The Playground to return our bikes, Baby G fell asleep. He only woke up when we reached Parkway. He was so excited to see the Disney workshops that they had, actually, he was only excited to see the toy car that they had & wanted a ride.

We had to coax him to have lunch first. We finally settled on a place called The CaffeBar. Food was not too bad. The Ciabatta bread was wonderful, soft on the inside & lightly toasted on the outside. Baby G & Daddy enjoyed their bread very much, although Baby G did not like the Spinach soup very much (must be the green colour that put him off).

After lunch, we finally went to the Disney workshop as promised. Baby G did not really enjoyed much, he was so afraid to join in and not sure what was going on. The only thing he did well was driving the car from one end to the other. There was even a short story telling at the end, but he just stood there and listened and did not really join in. He kept clinging on to me, sigh... when will he be more independent?

What a tiring day

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