Monday, June 22, 2009

Kite Flying

Just before going for our Father's Day dinner, Daddy decided to bring Baby G for some kite flying. After all the hard work, we only manage to let the kite fly up for a while before, Baby G, in his enthusiasm, broke our kite. Hahaha...

Our beautiful kite in the sky....... Baby G trying to get the kite to fly up.


We need to get a new kite.

ps.. Supposed to download a video, but the website kept hanging.... sigh.. so post this first. I try to figure out how to upload the video


Anonymous said...

they are such a destroyer!

Hot mama

Anonymous said...

My feelings exactly... hahaha
Baby G's Mummy

Anonymous said...

Finally seeing you guys doing some outdoor good health activities instead of always food, shopping mall :P


Anonymous said...

TY : More to come.... Been having problems uploading pictures with the blog.... sigh