Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Auntie YP!

We celebrated Auntie YP's birthday at Pasta de Waraku @ Illuma Bugis.

She ordered a squid ink pasta and we tried so hard to get a picture of her with her ink black teeth.

1. Finally... but she has cleaned her teeth already.. 2. What's that sticking out of her mouth?

After dinner, we hopped to a few coffee houses before finally settling on NYDC at Bugis shopping centre. It's really been a while since we went there. Our favourite Terra Cafe is no longer there. I still remember Daddy & me hanging out at this place during our Poly days.

At NYDC, the kids were all enjoying colouring their pictures except for Baby G who preferred being the crayon distributor.

==> Chole's the big sister to all....

==> Our crayon distributor with his mega-watt smile.
==> A mega-watt smile from a very hungry man.
Happy Birthday Auntie YP, hope you had a great time.
Also would like to say a special thanks to Uncle Dan for the desserts treat. I love my 'Grandma Goes Nuts', Baby G says 'Yummy, hot chocolate' & Daddy says 'Warm & delicious brownie.
Feeling super full from desserts.

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