Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kite Festival

On Sat, we went down to the Kite Festival over at Marina Bay. It was really crowded, getting there took us longer than usual and then finding a place to park took another 30 mins. Luckily the weather remained cloudy with slight winds, perfect for kite flying.
==> Baby G helping Daddy

Soon the winds seemed to die down.... and Daddy had trouble trying to get our kite up into the sky. In the end, Daddy decided to try another location. We walked over to the far end and tried again. Luckily the place we chose also had a lot of 'amateurs' trying to get their kites into the sky, so at least I didn't feel like we were the only ones who didn't know what we were doing.
After numerous tries and my patience wearing thin, Daddy finally got our kite into the sky. It wasn't as high as previously when we were in Sengkang, but good enough. Baby G was also happy. But.... after a while, our kite start to fall.... into the river, no less. Since it's wet and can no longer fly, we decided to take a break.
Soon it was getting a bit dark, we headed down to City Square Mall for our 1-for-1 Olio dinner offer.
We order the usual pasta & pizza combination. The pizza from Olio was really yummy-licious, one of the better tasting pizzas around. Baby G can attest to that.
After our dinner, we 'burned' some calories by doing some window-shopping at Metro. After that, desserts!
What a wonderful weekend!

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